Damon Salvatore the 5 year old (◡‿◡✿)


then and now


i gained like 100 followers this week swag 

shoutout to mack for making me edit my catchphrase to something more accurate


a cool and tough introduction survey:

  • name: nicole
  • your catchphrase: thats what she said HOLLA FOR A DOLLA
  • fav emoji/emoticon: the gun or money bag
  • favorite color scheme: black, charcoal, and lighter black
  • favorite type of monster-person: wtf is a monster pesron
  • something real cool that you can do: i can kill things
  • songs you want to share with your followers: ghost by halsey go
  • top 3 characters of all time: cristina yang, faith lehane, dwight schrute
  • what pets do you have: theyre all at my dads
  • your hogwarts house: slytherin
  • favorite pokemon: jigglypuff or squirtle. 

best birth control: nannying twins 


Pun Dog #5 (previously) [via]